Drawing on Tradition featured on New Books in Religion

Last month I had the great pleasure of speaking with the inimitable Kristian Petersen, who runs the podcast New Books in Religion and who is a new colleague of mine over at the Marginalia Review of Books. It was really great to have an opportunity to reflect on the book a couple of years after it came out. Here’s the interview:

One thing that was particularly striking to me as we chatted was how I could see great continuity between my previous project and my current one (e.g., how does the category of religion get defined, by whom, and to what effect) as well as great growth between the manga/anime project and my current work on the politics of religious freedom. I’m really grateful to Kristian for his interest in the book and for the absolutely fantastic work he is doing in getting information about new books out there in a very useful format. I don’t know how he sleeps!

In other news, I’m happily settling into my new postdoctoral position at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This fall I’m teaching a course entitled Love & Sex in Buddhism to a small group of about 20 undergraduates. The course is challenging for all parties involved, but it promises to be very rewarding.

Even as I get settled in at UW-M, I’m also learning the ropes in my new position as Editor of Asian Traditions at Marginalia. Happily, there have been a number of fantastic studies published in the last several months and I’m certain that the first several reviews we put out will be equally phenomenal. Stay tuned for more information; reviews in the Asian traditions section should start appearing late this year or early in 2015.

Upcoming publications:

  • An article on religions policy during the Allied Occupation of Japan is in press and should be out very shortly in the journal Religion Compass.
  • Revisions for an article on the political aspects of Buddhist studies in 1920s Japan are going to the journal Japanese Religions next week and should be appearing in the not too distant future.