Work in Progress

Here is a short list of a few writing projects that I’m preparing for publication, researching, or thinking about working on in the near(ish) future:

A book manuscript called Japan, the American Occupation, and the Problem of Religious Freedom. The manuscript is currently undergoing revision and is under contract for the new Class 200 series at University of Chicago Press.

A book chapter tentatively titled “Spirit/Medium: A Critical Examination of the Putative Relationship between Anime and Animism” that critiques the notion that animation and animism bear more than a superficial etymological connection. The piece rejects the term “animism” in favor of alternative terminology that describes in more precise terms how anime directors and their audiences engage with illustrated worlds, nature, and spirits.

A book chapter in Japanese on differential applications of international legal norms related to religious freedom, with a focus on religion and education in the United States and Japan. Under contract with Iwanami Press.

A new book project on postwar Japanese education and religion, bookmarked by the passage of the Fundamental Law on Education (March 1947) and its revision in 2006. I’ve given presentations on this new project at the Association for Asian Studies, the “What Isn’t Shintō” symposium I organized at Penn, and Columbia University. Research thoroughly underway.

A nascent book project based on a string of recent articles published in Material Religion and Sacred Matters about religion, capitalism, materiality, and sex in contemporary Japan. Anime pilgrimage, “contents tourism,” and commodity fetishism will be topics of discussion.