Sacred Matters, a New Article in Japanese Religions, and a Job

Last Friday saw the publication of the first of a series of five articles I have been contracted to write for Sacred Matters (A Culture Magazine with a Religion Problem). I wrote about a 2012 visit to the Buddhist bar Vow’s in Nakano.

A business card from Vow's Bar
A business card from Vow’s Bar

The blog post was an opportunity for me to share an anthropological experience that actually deeply influenced how I wrote my 2014 Princeton University dissertation. I’ve got another one in the works about USB amulets. Stay tuned.

In other news, I have an article on Buddhist intellectual Katō Totsudō coming out in Japanese Religions any day now.

I also have not formally announced here yet that I have accepted a job as an assistant professor in the department of East Asian Languages & Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania. I’m really excited about the position and am eager to get started in Philly even as I am sad to leave Madison. I’ll particularly miss working with the motivated students here at the UW.